Did the bypass kill “Chicken in a basket” –

Back when we were young the “Holiday” each year was an adventure even getting there, it would take seven to eight hours to weave through the roads of North Wales. We would sit in endlessly slow moving traffic through town after town, passing historic places and castles in places like Conway.

At some point of the journey someone in charge like a parent would say “lets stop for something to eat”, and at the next pub or tavern on route we would find ourselves looking at a menu, and the holiday would begin with “chicken in a basket with chips”.  This would be a stable diet for the next week, on special treats out from the rented holiday cottage.

Nowadays you can make the same journey in a third to half the time, zipping along a bypass, duel carriage way, or motorway. Gone are the chances to stop for a cheeky ice cream and a stretch of the legs, but also are gone the passing trade for all those towns en-route. In fact the memory of gazing at a stunning scenic or historical view are gone, as the castle at Conway is no larger than a iPhone when you view it from the North Wales bypass at 70 miles per hour.

We can almost hear you say “we are in Kendal, The Lake District”, but the story is the same for all the holiday traffic that zips by on the bypass as it heads into The Lakes. They are missing so many opportunities to see the sites of Kendal, missing the chance to stretch their legs, have an ice cream, a coffee, grab a sandwich, pick up a deal from the shops, or of course grab a bite to eat.

The choice of food is excellent in Kendal, and truly multi-national with so many great places to eat, grab a snack or fine dine, but we have to wonder, did the places that sold “chicken in a basket with chips” start to disappear as the motorways and bypasses started to appear.

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In the United Kingdom chicken in a basket, fried chicken on a bed of chips, was a popular dish in pubs and modest restaurants from the late 1960s through the 1970s


image : https://haricovertundergroundrestaurant.wordpress.com