Reasons to shop local in kendal town centre – and don’t mention the Banana situation


We decided the other day it was time replace the tubular door latches at home as they were on the way out, seemingly they last a certain amount of time and then all give up the ghost in a short time of each other.

Whilst in Kendal on Saturday we popped into Middletons on the market place, a great little hardware store that has a real feel of a family run business about it. We asked a nice chap in a blue lab coat where we might find the door latches and were directed to their exact location.

We needed 3 of them, and were pleasantly surprised to find them at £1.89 each, so the total bill was just under £5.50. We went home to fit them.

2 fit straight in and were installed very quickly, the third was too tight to fit as the hole in the door was ever so slightly too small, and on examination the unit taken out was a slight hexagon shape explaining why it had fit, and the new unit would not. The initial thought was to nip out and buy a hexagon shaped one from somewhere else.

On arriving at the nearest hardware superstore we asked the first person we saw where we might find the required unit, unfortunately they did not know the answer, so we set about wandering the store. Eventually we found what we were looking for but were stopped in our tracks at the price of £6.99 each – the price difference was too huge to pass over.

We appear to be socially programmed these days that bigger stores or shops equate to bigger savings and bigger value – this is not the case, and a fact worth sharing.

Have you ever noticed why Bananas in Superstores have different pricing strategies, loose bananas are sold by the weight, and “ready to eat bananas” (someone please explain that to us) that are in a bunch of 5, in a bag are sold by the “price per banana”?

Get a bag of Bananas and weigh them on the scales as though they were loose bananas and see how the prices equate, you may be surprised at what you discover.

It pays to shop local, there is so much on offer in Kendal Town centre.

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