National BBQ Week

National BBQ Week is 25th-31st May, yes that’s right this week!

When it comes to BBQs there’s the obvious BBQ essentials such as sausages, burgers oh and sunshine, but that’s never something we can guarantee! 

I checked out one of the local Kendal Butchers – Mardens Bros which is in The Shambles and has been a family business since it opened in 1955. The shop sign was handed painted by the owner himself. Now the fact that this local Butcher has been in business for around 60 years must say something about the quality of the produce and price.

We chatted about different BBQ ideas such as a Greek Style Lamb Burger & Pork Kebabs, see below for recipe 

  Here’s a selection of the meat available:

Do you have a favourite BBQ recipe you’d like to share, let us know!