Kendal Torchlight needs Volunteers – Get Involved!

Kendal Torchlight Carnival is back on 11th September 2015.

Each year a theme is announced for Kendal Torchlight Carnival in the hope that it will inspire not only the participants, but the residents, businesses, students, community groups and all others.

The theme for Torchlight 2015 is …… Think Big!

“Kendal Torchlight Carnival is, and always has been run by volunteers. Each year Torchlight needs a capable core team to take on the essential jobs that make Torchlight happen. The more people on the team, the easier the jobs become. Typically, most jobs can be achieved within a few hours per week, though it gets busier in September.

Each of these challenging roles requires commitment from now until the end of October 2015 and the role will be primarily unsupported, therefore we seek people who enjoy working work independently, create effective solutions based on knowledge and expertise, and actively uphold our company procedures and support Torchlight objectives”
If you can take on one of these volunteer roles, or know someone who can, please contact Vicki Wright on 07846 973857 or email 
For more information or to see the roles required visit their webpage: