Spotlight on a Kendal business – Wave Jewellery


Situated on Finkle Street Kendal Wave Jewellery describe their business ethic as

That jewellery should be designed with flair and be as unique as the person wearing it and yet stand the test of time both in quality and looks. That people don’t all want the same of the shelf claw set ring and that jewellery is a very emmotive special and important choice whether you are asking somebody to marry you or choosing the piece for yourself to complete that special outfit.

So we decided to check the shop out because we love Jewellery, we love style, we love looking at a business that is obviously trying, and we love it when we can engage with people on social media.

When we walked in with no introduction we were automatically made very welcome by the staff and the owner Paul, who were all happy to help us in the shop as we browsed around. We introduced ourselves and told Paul we would like to make blog post about the shop, and Paul was well up for the idea so we got about our job.

From the beginning we were drawn to the array of designer jewellery on display, for example, if you have ever seen Shaun Leane jewellery you will know what we are talking about. Shaun Leane’s legendary trademark tusk collection has always been very eye catching, being worn by many celebrities.

Photo 13-06-2015 18 00 58 Photo 13-06-2015 17 58 36 Photo 13-06-2015 18 00 33

Shaun Leane’s collection is just one of many designers in the shop, and a personal choice of mine was the brand “Von Lotzbeck” we found in the window, I love oxidised jewellery mixed with a contemporary style, and if you ever wondered what a muffin ring looks like the answer is “awesome”.

Photo 13-06-2015 17 57 18


As you wander around it strikes you that there is so much to see and so much to absorb, one minute you like the hard lines of Leane’s jewellery, the next the soft lines of Lucy Q’s splat collection.

Turn around again and you are staring at a Rachel Galley’s collection.

Photo 13-06-2015 17 56 52 Photo 13-06-2015 17 58 58


The duality collection caught our eye also, with its Mayan pyramid inspired collection to add fuel to the experience.

Photo 13-06-2015 17 57 51 Photo 13-06-2015 17 57 40


We could go on and on about every item but that would start to bore you, and half the fun is discovering these things for yourself, but we have to mention “The Branch” with a fusion of beautiful wood and precious metals, and with some sale prices marked on it on the day we came in.

Photo 13-06-2015 17 58 26


We have to mention the watches, we love watches, and the brands are an excellent and eclectic selection.

Bell and Ross

stunning, big and obvious and high and our wish list, but alas no BR 03 (42 mm) Phantom Ceramic on display, which is probably good because if it ended up on my wrist I would probably sell my car to own it.

Photo 13-06-2015 17 59 38



Photo 13-06-2015 17 59 53


Photo 13-06-2015 18 00 06

Emporio Armani

Photo 13-06-2015 18 00 21


TW SteelPhoto 13-06-2015 18 01 20

Elliot BrownPhoto 13-06-2015 18 01 36 Photo 13-06-2015 18 03 22

and the list goes on but we only took pictures of a small sample.

If you are out and about, heading to the lake district, having a weekend break, or just on the Kendal bypass, we throughly recommend you turn off the bypass, head into Kendal town centre and drop into Wave Jewellery, there is something for everyone no matter what your budget, but the real draw of Wave Jewellery is the fusion of contemporary jewellery, top designers and friendly staff.

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