Project round up – Kendal Social Media Trial

This has been a very interesting project from start to finish and has brought some very interesting results, especially if you are interested in analytics in anyway.

Setting up and populating the sites proved to be very time consuming and it became obvious very quickly that in order to do the sites justice on all the social media channels it was a part time job in itself, so a big thank you to Bev on twitter @Mrs_B_McKendall  for her time and contributions.

Being hit with the floods in Kendal ruined the plans for christmas and ‘the sales’ for the blog, and we never really risked assessed for that option, it came out of the blue.

We knew from the beginning that twitter was a very momentary thing, interactions yielded results, and despite the thousands upon thousands of impressions on twitter the true statistics came from the blog and the search engine results. Having a presence on the all of the following really helped to optimise the interactions.

  • WordPress
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest


Almost five and a half thousand views to the main website, and being able to track the interest is great.

We offered a free service to any business in Kendal, we would put up and blog about their deals and offers, all they had to do was get in touch. Not one business got in touch during the time of the project, we found this very interesting indeed.

We never intended to put menus online at the beginning but discovered that food menus were the thing that interested people the most in 2015 and 2016, especially “The Beijing House”. The menu page for these guys was the highest ranking page on both periods.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 12.54.21Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 12.54.37


A couple of other pages are of interest and should be noted, The Kendal College Flash Mob for the Addams family was shared virally by the participants on their Facebook pages and generated a lot of interest, so it pays to include people and use their own social networks to generate exposure. The same thing happened with the pop up shop from Microdot, they have a huge personal following so hits were maximised by including them in the social interactions.

The flood story about “Onecall” insurance was also heavily shared and viewed, not because they shared it with their followers, but because it was posted in groups that were affected by the flooding.

Finally on the stats, it appears that Pandora is a brand that the whole world enjoys and is heavily searched on the internet.

Moving On…

There are no plans from here for the various sites, work requires a return, and free time is valuable.

The project proves that the world we live in uses the internet a lot, on all devices. In order to stand out from the crowd it is not enough to “see what you can fit in”, but time must be dedicated, plans should be drawn up, events should be covered, and so on…

It is not enough to sit at a computer, but you have to get out to the locations and talk to people, get images, film video. You have to get social and then populate the media. I estimate that 10 hours a week would make a huge difference on the search engines and footfall through Kendal.

The thing to really think about is who would pay for the ten hours a week, if you employed a marketing apprentice and trained them how to do it, how do you then prove the return on investment, and are they still viewed as “playing on the internet all day” by the people around them?

Looking at a hypothetical model, if I employed one of my digital apprentices and then dedicated them for two hours each working day (10 hours per week) at a base rate of £5 per hour, the annual cost would be £2600.

The issue in these times however is who would pay for them.